Four Key Steps to Planning Your Home Renovation


Whether you’re doing it yourself or working with contractors, executing a home renovation from start to finish requires a lot of hard work. Homeowners eager to create their ideal space might be tempted to dive right in without an action plan. Unfortunately, people who take this route usually end up with botched renovations because they’ve […]

Three keys to a modern home renovation

Three Keys to A Modern Home Renovation

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It’s no lie that times are changing – we are seeing a ton of technological advancements, people are becoming more eco-conscious and looking to reduce their ecological footprint. Naturally, the impacts of technology, as well as modern lifestyle trends, affect the way we live. However, we’re also seeing an impact in the way modern-day home […]

Financing options for your home renovation

Financing Options for Your Home Renovation

Renovation Process

    From replacing the countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms to completely revamping your home’s exterior – the options for renovating your home are almost endless. Your renovations can also be as luxurious and comprehensive as you can imagine. However, as your list of wants grows, so will the budget required to bring your […]

Three ways to incorporate automation into your home

Three easy ways to incorporate automation into your home

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With each passing year, technology becomes a bigger part of our lives and now it’s making its way into our homes. Recent improvements in smart home technology has made it possible for homeowners to enjoy their spaces, be eco-friendly, and feel more secure than ever. Home automation is one of the perks of bringing tech […]

where to live during a home reno, can I live at home?

Where to live during a reno, can I live at home?

Renovation Process

  Home renovations are inherently noisy. With hammers hammering, drills drilling and workers scurrying in and out of your space, the noise, hustle and bustle of it all can be overwhelming. During a home reno, your first instinct is probably to find a different place to stay, but, this may not be necessary. In certain […]

Do I need an interior designer?

Do I Need An Interior Designer?

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  When remodeling their homes, many often ask “do I really need an interior designer?” It may seem like an unnecessary expense up front, or even a bit frivolous, however, if you are spending time and money on remodeling your house, it may very well be worth it. Here are some reasons why.   1. […]

how to estimate the cost of a bathroom remodel

How to estimate the cost of a bathroom renovation

Renovation Process

  It can be difficult to determine your bathroom remodel budget because of the many components that go into making a bathroom functional and beautiful. There are countertops to choose from, bathtubs to consider, and design styles to sift through. Here are some things to keep in mind when building a bathroom renovation budget:   […]

how long does a kitchen remodel take

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Renovation Process

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take? Many clients who are looking to remodel their kitchen have a date in mind in which they want it completed. If they are a landlord, the completion date might be a time that coincides with a new tenant moving in. For homeowners, it might be before the school […]

renovating an old home

The Challenges of Renovating An Old Home

Renovation Process

When clients are looking to renovate their older home, they typically want to add modern conveniences while maintaining the look and charm of the original architecture. However, one of the challenges you may encounter while renovating is that there may be issues that reveal themselves only after construction begins. Here are some of things you […]

The 6 Hottest Home Remodelling Trends of 2018

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Do you feel like your home could use an update? Whether you’re annoyed with your appliances causing your power bills to soar or you’re tired of looking at outdated pastel walls, 2018 has brought a few renovation trends that will bring your house into this decade and beyond. Here are the 6 most popular trends […]